Tuesday, August 31, 2010

518 Valley Dr, Kerrville

Well, we did it. Verbal agreement and just waiting for the sellers to
actually initial the changes and get the paperwork back to us. House is 3
Bed, 2 Bath | 2,578 Sq Ft on 0.52 Acres (22,651 Sq Ft Lot). Closing Date is
set for Oct 26, which gives us time to make our loop through Clarksville,
Reno, Petaluma, and back here with all of the stuff currently in storage.
We'll get our inspections this week before we head out. We will have to do
a little re-painting and staining woodwork, maybe change some carpet and get
furniture ordered and delivered. However, we can live in the RV in the
driveway while that is going on.

We're excited and looking forward to putting some roots down here in

John & Kathleen

Monday, August 9, 2010

Dawson Creek, BC

We came down the Alaskan Highway backwards, and this is the beginning of it.
Wednesday, we head for Banff, Calgary, and then back to the US.

John & Kathleen

Sunday, August 1, 2010


Has anyone seen Sgt. Preston? We're in his part of the world. Does anybody remember the name of his dog? Does anybody remember that old radio show? Does anybody remember sitting and listening to the radio? Don't think anyone "sits and listens" to anything anymore!! We had a nice drive here...saw a moose chowing down at a roadside pond; saw some swans aswimming and some beautiful ethereal landscapes. Stayed last night at Destruction Bay and tonight here in Whitehorse. Tonight's better than last night; better hook-ups. Best yet - the SUN IS OUT!!! The drive is getting better. Those "frost heaves" are ferocious! No matter how slowly you approach them everything flies!! All our clothes keep winding up in a heap on the floor of the closet; we've lost glasses and opening the refrigerator is dangerous duty. Jars fly out and break - olives, fruit, etc. And prints have fallen off the wall and shattered.