Tuesday, April 28, 2009


We're enjoying seeing Eva everyday and enjoying the new RV park. It is just across the Missouri from Leavenworth. The rivers and streams here are all full to the brim and there has been some flooding. The sun is out today which is wonderful after rain and tornadoes. Life sure has a new Springtime freshness to after the rains and Eva's arrival. I'm getting to see flowers I haven't seen in years...lilacs and violets, especially. You don't see them in the California desert. While driving here we saw lots of beautiful wild dogwoods! Just gorgeous!

The ride here from Louisiana was interesting. We drove across country instead of interstates as it saved 100 miles. Very pretty, but sometimes hair raising! Some of the roads weren't even "farm to market" roads, but instead marked by just letters, "FF" or "AB". No shoulders and often they reminded me of ribbon candy. You remember that wavy stuff at Christmas?

Finally, some flowers at the entrance to the RV Park!!

Sunday, April 26, 2009


Well, we were planning to be in Columbus,GA, this weekend for grandson Branden's birthday, but we're in Kansas! Granddaughter Eva Grace Dochtermann decided to be born in April, not May as scheduled. She is just gorgeous and healthy and home. Mom and Dad are still a little flummoxed, but coping. Since our arrival was not planned we had to take what we could find as it was also a big NASCAR weekend at the race track in Kansas City. Slim pickings!! It was not a nice place. It was a nightmare getting into the parking area. It took John and a RV neighbor a half hour to maneuver me into the slot. Then, we had rain and tornadoes.
Eva is worth it!! Today we moved to a nice place in Missouri, just over the river from Leavenworth. Pretty with lakes, wild violets, lilacs in bloom and beautiful tulips! And it was easy to get into our parking place!! I'll let you figure out which place is which in the above photos. The photo below is easy to figure out.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Can you believe these horns!! HUGE!!! Stopped and took the photo enroute to seeJohn's family. I would have gotten closer, but do you see the size of these animals plus we're pretty sure the fence is electrified. We had a nice Easter weekend with family. Lots of food; lots of talk; lots of reminiscing. Tomorrow onto Bryan, TX and a visit with John's brother Robin. Oh, the dogs (all 6) did pretty well together - 2 Golden Retrievers, a beagle and our 3 little ones. Actually Tiger let the big dogs know he was no push-over! As usual the 2 girls had no clue.
Today John and I wandered up and down the main drag which is filled with lots of nice shops and antique marts while the RV was at a dealer's getting some broken tile fixed. Boerne has a population of 9, 100. It is loaded with charm and friendly people. We will be back. I am planning to do my Christmas shopping here!

Friday, April 10, 2009


As part of our trip to The Alamo, we visited and lunched at San Antonio's famous River Walk. It is really nice! Very enjoyable! We had a terrific lunch while sitting outside and enjoying the setting. If you haven't been, put San Antonio on your To Visit schedule!! A really nice day!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009


What a beautiful place! The Alamo was not a fort. It was originally built in 1724 as a mission established to convert the local Indians. At some point the Spanish government took over the mission and gave the surrounding land to the local Indians. This helped establish what is now San Antonio. In the early 800's, the Spanish military stationed troops at the old mission, now called The Alamo by the troops. Alamo is Spanish for "cottonwood". What is now called the Long Barrack was made into the 1st hospital in Texas by the Spanish Command.

Do you know anything about the Alamo other than the movies? Me, neither. Well, in 1835, during the Texas Revolution, the Texas Revolutionaries fought the Spanish troops and won control of the Alamo and San Antonio. Early 1836, Santa Anna arrived unexpectedly and the battle/siege was on. The Revolutionaries included the men of legend - Jim Bowie, Davy Crockett, etc. (Davy Crockett had lost his seat in Congress. He is reputed to have said to his Tennessee constituents, "You all can go to hell. I'm going to Texas.") After numerous requests for reinforcements to Sam Houston and other Texans, a group of about 200 held off the Spanish for 13 days. March 6, 1836 Santa Anna's troops launched their final assault. Finally able to scale the walls, the troops entered the courtyard and attacked the church for the final battle with the surviving Texans. Thus, the Alamo secured its place in US history and folklore!

Some surprises... the Alamo is not out in an open area. It is smack daub in the center of San Antonio. I always pictured the Alamo as being just the Church. It was a large area, completely walled, housing the church, convent, outbuildings, etc. Just a small section of the wall now survives. I also did not expect to find such pretty gardens. It is really pretty. We ended our visit by lunching down on River Walk. What a fabulous place!! Just loaded with charm!! We will definitely be back to San Antonio!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Today we went to Fredricksburg, TX for lunch with John's step-mom, Myrtle. We stopped at Luckenbach, TX, population 3 for a photo op. There is a post office, dance hall and barn. Some bikers were lunching at picnic tables. This is the Luckenbach made famous by the country-western song by Waylon Jennings & Willie Nelson. Yeah, I never heard of it either! Can you see the Luckenbach motto? "Everybody is Somebody in Luckenbach".

Fredricksburg is a pretty and old town. Home of the Pacific Maritime Museum honoring hometown boy, Admiral Nimitz. It was originally a large German settlement. Lots of German restaurants. We had a yummy lunch. We have to go back to really cruise the shops and nooks. Also the LBJ Ranch is nearby. And, as you can tell from the recent photos I love the creeks & rivers & wonderful old trees - all twisted and gnarled!

Oh, big news! I am now using my brand new Flamingo Pink laptop. John was sick of hearing me moan, groan, scream, cuss & mumble! Can't blame my tech problems on the computer anymore!


We're still in Kerrville and the area. This is a really nice RV park. The weather has been wonderful except for some wind. Head out on Friday 45 minutes down the road to Boeurne, TX, to spend Easter with John's family. It is Spring. Flowers are blooming; trees are budding and the birds are singing constantly. Just very pleasant! Bucolic is the word!

The river is sure pretty, but, oh, what was that movie... DON'T GO NEAR THE WATER! Sign is enough warning for me. Especially the last listing...

Friday, April 3, 2009


We're in here in the Hill Country of Texas and plan on a 2 week stay. John went to a military boarding school here during high school at what is now Schreiner University. Kerrville is a laid-back town of about 21,000 people and has grown considerably since John's stay. The Guadalupe River meanders in and out and all around the town and is fed by many streams. (My favorite is Goat Creek.) There are quite a few parks and rec areas. And, lots of barbecue places and catfish! Hunting is big here with hunting ranches with exotic species of deer, etc. Lots of white-tail deer everywhere in the area nibbling at all the flowers & shrubs. We did find a donut shop!! (Would have thought most towns would have at least one, but they don't!) The donuts were good. The other big seller at the shop are kolaches. Now, I'm thinking the Polish/Ukranian kolachies - delicate, flaky dough filled with sweet nutmeat. Nah, no such luck! Try a fat sausage wrapped in pizza like dough. And don't forget the jalapenos! I passed on it! Just the sort of junk John loves to eat...

We're at Guadalupe River RV Park which slopes down to the river and has a nice park area there where we walk the 3 pooches. They stay well away from the river's edge. They do NOT like water. On a walk there at dusk one night, there was a herd of 10-12 deer in the shallows. Very pretty! Of course, the 3 dogs did not even notice them. They may be hikers, but they are not hunters! They also did not notice the ducks at Louise Hay Park.


STONEHEDGE - Ingram, TX Now, this is really a curiosity!! Ingram is a town of about 1,800. At some point a local farmer decided to build replicas of Stonehedge and Easter Island statues. This local version is about 60% as tall and about 90% in circumference as the original in England. Not sure about the statues. It is totally bizarre to be winding around a country road and crossing back and forth over the Guadalupe River and BAM! Around a curve is Stonehedge!!