Sunday, April 26, 2009


Well, we were planning to be in Columbus,GA, this weekend for grandson Branden's birthday, but we're in Kansas! Granddaughter Eva Grace Dochtermann decided to be born in April, not May as scheduled. She is just gorgeous and healthy and home. Mom and Dad are still a little flummoxed, but coping. Since our arrival was not planned we had to take what we could find as it was also a big NASCAR weekend at the race track in Kansas City. Slim pickings!! It was not a nice place. It was a nightmare getting into the parking area. It took John and a RV neighbor a half hour to maneuver me into the slot. Then, we had rain and tornadoes.
Eva is worth it!! Today we moved to a nice place in Missouri, just over the river from Leavenworth. Pretty with lakes, wild violets, lilacs in bloom and beautiful tulips! And it was easy to get into our parking place!! I'll let you figure out which place is which in the above photos. The photo below is easy to figure out.

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