Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Today we went to Fredricksburg, TX for lunch with John's step-mom, Myrtle. We stopped at Luckenbach, TX, population 3 for a photo op. There is a post office, dance hall and barn. Some bikers were lunching at picnic tables. This is the Luckenbach made famous by the country-western song by Waylon Jennings & Willie Nelson. Yeah, I never heard of it either! Can you see the Luckenbach motto? "Everybody is Somebody in Luckenbach".

Fredricksburg is a pretty and old town. Home of the Pacific Maritime Museum honoring hometown boy, Admiral Nimitz. It was originally a large German settlement. Lots of German restaurants. We had a yummy lunch. We have to go back to really cruise the shops and nooks. Also the LBJ Ranch is nearby. And, as you can tell from the recent photos I love the creeks & rivers & wonderful old trees - all twisted and gnarled!

Oh, big news! I am now using my brand new Flamingo Pink laptop. John was sick of hearing me moan, groan, scream, cuss & mumble! Can't blame my tech problems on the computer anymore!

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  1. Hey ! I like that motto. I will make one for Columbus' people. "Everybody in Somebody in Columbus, GA" How did it sound? lol!!!

    Congratulations for your new Pink Flamingo!!!!