Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Can you believe these horns!! HUGE!!! Stopped and took the photo enroute to seeJohn's family. I would have gotten closer, but do you see the size of these animals plus we're pretty sure the fence is electrified. We had a nice Easter weekend with family. Lots of food; lots of talk; lots of reminiscing. Tomorrow onto Bryan, TX and a visit with John's brother Robin. Oh, the dogs (all 6) did pretty well together - 2 Golden Retrievers, a beagle and our 3 little ones. Actually Tiger let the big dogs know he was no push-over! As usual the 2 girls had no clue.
Today John and I wandered up and down the main drag which is filled with lots of nice shops and antique marts while the RV was at a dealer's getting some broken tile fixed. Boerne has a population of 9, 100. It is loaded with charm and friendly people. We will be back. I am planning to do my Christmas shopping here!

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  1. Who are all these pretty ladies? Seem that you are having fun (the dogs too!!!)