Friday, April 3, 2009


We're in here in the Hill Country of Texas and plan on a 2 week stay. John went to a military boarding school here during high school at what is now Schreiner University. Kerrville is a laid-back town of about 21,000 people and has grown considerably since John's stay. The Guadalupe River meanders in and out and all around the town and is fed by many streams. (My favorite is Goat Creek.) There are quite a few parks and rec areas. And, lots of barbecue places and catfish! Hunting is big here with hunting ranches with exotic species of deer, etc. Lots of white-tail deer everywhere in the area nibbling at all the flowers & shrubs. We did find a donut shop!! (Would have thought most towns would have at least one, but they don't!) The donuts were good. The other big seller at the shop are kolaches. Now, I'm thinking the Polish/Ukranian kolachies - delicate, flaky dough filled with sweet nutmeat. Nah, no such luck! Try a fat sausage wrapped in pizza like dough. And don't forget the jalapenos! I passed on it! Just the sort of junk John loves to eat...

We're at Guadalupe River RV Park which slopes down to the river and has a nice park area there where we walk the 3 pooches. They stay well away from the river's edge. They do NOT like water. On a walk there at dusk one night, there was a herd of 10-12 deer in the shallows. Very pretty! Of course, the 3 dogs did not even notice them. They may be hikers, but they are not hunters! They also did not notice the ducks at Louise Hay Park.


STONEHEDGE - Ingram, TX Now, this is really a curiosity!! Ingram is a town of about 1,800. At some point a local farmer decided to build replicas of Stonehedge and Easter Island statues. This local version is about 60% as tall and about 90% in circumference as the original in England. Not sure about the statues. It is totally bizarre to be winding around a country road and crossing back and forth over the Guadalupe River and BAM! Around a curve is Stonehedge!!


  1. If you like German food, be sure to get some in Kerrville, or in nearby Fredericksburg, also an early German settlement town. Fredericksburg is a touristy shop-spot (with plenty of benches-Rich likes that). Comfort, TX has antiques, & Bandera, TX is an old "Cowboy" town. We live in San Antonio, but are currently in our RV in FL. Happy trails,
    Rich & Penny Woodward

  2. Thanks. We're headed for Fredericksburg on Wednesday.