Tuesday, April 28, 2009


We're enjoying seeing Eva everyday and enjoying the new RV park. It is just across the Missouri from Leavenworth. The rivers and streams here are all full to the brim and there has been some flooding. The sun is out today which is wonderful after rain and tornadoes. Life sure has a new Springtime freshness to after the rains and Eva's arrival. I'm getting to see flowers I haven't seen in years...lilacs and violets, especially. You don't see them in the California desert. While driving here we saw lots of beautiful wild dogwoods! Just gorgeous!

The ride here from Louisiana was interesting. We drove across country instead of interstates as it saved 100 miles. Very pretty, but sometimes hair raising! Some of the roads weren't even "farm to market" roads, but instead marked by just letters, "FF" or "AB". No shoulders and often they reminded me of ribbon candy. You remember that wavy stuff at Christmas?

Finally, some flowers at the entrance to the RV Park!!

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