Thursday, January 29, 2009

And Awaaay We Go!

Well, we're almost ready to take off on the really big trip! The house is almost empty. We're all ready for our moving sale. Think we have the bedroom set sold. Got to get my car sold. That's next week's chore. Just need to finish cleaning out the house; figure out a few last items to take or store. I think there is still some room for John's clothes in the RV closet and a few empty drawers. (I am ever so thoughtful!) Just one more dentist visit and we are offfffffffffffffffff. YAHOO!!


  1. Not sure why you would choose to start a big adventure in February, but I hope it works out okay. If you have seen a national news broadcast recently, you know to stay away from the Midwest for a while. I am up to my ears. I got promoted a few months ago, and somehow they got the idea that means more work. The nerve of some people.


  2. Well, it isn't a matter of picking February, but that we are ready to go and don't want to sit here. We will head to Phoenix, then Albaquerque, then on to Texas. 3-4 weeks in each. Definitely will stay in the South until April/May.

    Glad to hear about the promotion.