Friday, July 10, 2009


Heading West again, we drove from Mississippi to Texas where our move became official. Our car and RV now sport Texas license plates and we are registered Texas voters. Continuing westward, we stopped overnight in Palm Desert to visit with friends. Rita had a nice get-together and I got to see a lot of good friends. And, of course, a delicious spread of food. We headed out the next day for Petaluma in Northern California and granddaughter Tess's 5th birthday. Needless to say, the party was fun, but pure bedlam! Tess had her favorite - macaroni and cheese - and a great cake she helped her Mom make and decorate. She also got a really cool doll!! Rebecca from the American Girl series! I would have loved having a doll like that!! I am so jealous!

Then, we took Tess and her brother Rennie to Bodega Bay for the weekend! It was a short 1/2 drive from our Petaluma KOA, but very bumpy and curvy! It was not the beach we had quite envisioned... no sandy expanse, but lots of rock. It was also very cool with a nippy breeze and foggy! Didn't need the bathing suits!! But we took a lot of walks and the dogs got a lot of exercise! So did we!! None of us had any trouble sleeping at night. Really a restful and unspoiled slice of California coast.

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