Thursday, November 5, 2009


We are spending November (yes, one whole month!) at Canyon Lake, Texas. It is the Randolph Air Force Base Recreation Area and overlooks a large and very pretty lake formed by Canyon Dam. It is heavily wooded, very rural (translation: no trains and no superhighways) and very pleasant. Our neighbors are all deer. And I mean "deer" not "dear". They are nibbling the shrub and grass around the house pretty much all day. It is quiet! The city of Canyon Lake - not much happening; next town, New Braunfels - larger, but still pretty quiet. Then, the big city of San Antonio - which is about 40 minutes away.

New Braunfels, whose early settlers were German and Czech, had a Wurstfest last week that we attended. Lots of different sausages, lots of frothy beer, ompabah bands, polkas and nachos. Hey, it is Texas! It was fun and loud!

One problem with this locale - internet service. We're in the boonies and reception is iffy. John is still refining his jury-rigged antenna system. He's tried out various antenna and amplifiers plus an adjustable pvc pole attached to the RV ladder. In other words, he's enjoying himself! He loves gadgets and tinkering!!

The lake is really lovely and has a good sized marina. On the weekends the view is beautiful - clear, blue sky splashed with white sails! You can see from the photo how far down the lake is and how badly this part of Texas needs rain.

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