Sunday, March 28, 2010


This museum was a surprise! I thought, "Oh, boring guns & stuff!" But, the displays were actually interesting and well done. You walk along very realistic displays of battles starting with the Revolutionary War and ending with Desert Storm. Grandsons Lance and Branden seemed to enjoy it. Then, they got to fire off M16's!! Dummy bullets, of course, but a thrill nevertheless. We also toured an army village... barracks, chapel, supply office, etc. as it would have looked during WWII. (The state-of-the-art telephones and typewriters were a mystery to both boys.) The fellow giving the tour was a 20 year vet and John and another fellow touring could add their memories of the 60's version. Oh, the area in the back is a stadium where new infantrymen from Fort Benning graduate. As they march across the field, they are marching on soil that has been brought from every major battle from every war this country has fought. Soil that holds the blood of earlier infantryman who were wounded or died in defense of this country. I found that moving. I find that moving.

This is a new museum and was built and is maintained strictly by donations... no government money. Along the side of the building is 20 foot wide Heritage Walk with flags from each state lining the sides. There is a program for people to sponsor pavers memorializing a family member, friend, etc. who was an infantryman in any war (Revolutionary, Civil, Spanish American, etc.) Any infantryman you would like to commemorate? My dad comes to my mind....

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