Saturday, January 2, 2010


Well, I have not been very diligent about my blog postings! To bring the blog up-to-date, we spent Thanksgiving in Boerne, Texas, with John's family. LOTS of food, lots of fun! Trust me it's not easy getting the people or the dogs to stand still for a group shot. In front of the column is Myrtle surrounded by her brood - or part of it. All 5 dogs are in the shot, too, but the 2 cats refused to join in. (John's holding Ginger; Amy, Tinkerbell. Molly is the beagle; Sapphire, the Golden Retriever. Then, Tiger is headed toward the back.) Good food! Good people! Good times!

Then we started travelling again heading out on 12/15 for Clarksville, TN, to spend the holidays with my kids. Arrived in Clarksville 12/19 and are still encamped! Ned and Heather arrived 12/23 and left on New Year's Day for Reno and back to the workday grind. We'll stay here until mid-January when John heads back to San Antonio and I to Syracuse to see my Mom. I'll join John in San Antonio after my visit.

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