Monday, January 4, 2010


No, John and I didn't boogie in the New Year in Nashville! We stayed in Clarksville and overnighted with Eva! Hans & Andrea and Ned & Heather went into Nashville for New Year's Eve. Ned & Heather flew out of Nashville home to Reno on New Year's Day. I'm not sure we made it 'til midnight! Taking care of an 8 month old reminds you why we're parents when young and that we're not young anymore! Crawling on the floor is easy; getting up is not! Some things have changed for the better - disposable diapers, new fangled bottles, no more sterilizing bottles & nipples. But, more stringent guidelines re: what foods baby can eat and when.

The 4 kids had fun in Nashville. Oma and Opa did, too! In the morning when Opa John got Eva up, Eva wasn't so sure about things, wondering where her mommy was. But, then Opa showed her her bottle and all was okay.

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