Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Have I used the words awesome, majestic, gorgeous, etc. yet? Gee, I hope not because, if I have, I used them too soon.
The grandeur and majestic and serene beauty of Big Bend is indescribable. Big Bend covers 801,000 acres and is named for the "U-turn" the Rio Grande takes and forms Texas border with Mexico. History says that the Indians believed when the Great Spirit was making the earth he dumped all the leftover rocks on the Big Bend. Home to prehistoric Native Americans at least 10,000 years ago; then tribes of hunter-gathers and Spaniards who enslaved the local tribes. Let's not forget the Apaches and Comanches. Finally the Anglo-Americans moved in and prevailed.

It is spring and the desert is full of blooms! The ocotillo cacti were everywhere with their delicate looking sprays of orange blossoms. Delicate purple hued shrubs hinting at the spring growth. Huge hawks are circling above hunting for rabbits - which are everywhere nibbling away.

We went down to the banks of the Rio Grande which is not very wide at this point and could see where it flooded in 2008 and threatened huge swatches of the park. It is so green there in contrast with the rest of the area. Different flowers, too.

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