Thursday, March 12, 2009

Old Town Albuquerque

It was a bright sunny day, for most of the day. We took a short trip to the downtown historical area. It is very pretty with a lot of interesting shops and the usual tourist junk. It is centered around a plaza anchored by a pretty and old church, San Felipe De Neri. The church has been in continous service since 1706 and was originally built by Francisican friars. Still in use, it is really pretty and tended to by the attached convent. In pretty good shape, but there are a lot of areas that need work. There is one courtyard in particular that is needy.

With a lot of little shops built around little plazas, there's a lot to see. LOTS of BEAUTIFUL silver and turquoise jewelry. But, John doesn't want to put a 2nd mortgage on the RV! Grump! So, we bought an Albuquerque Xmas ornament, had coffee and a pastry.

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