Monday, March 16, 2009

Santa Fe, NM

What a pretty place! Of course, you need to like or at least tolerate the Pueblo style! That's about all there is in Santa Fe. Lots of tourists - everywhere... Lots of traffic on the narrow old roads and difficult to find a place to park. The Cathedral of St. Francis of Assisi is under renovation and so is all wrapped up in plastic and scaffolding plus mass was underway. The state run museums on Museum Hill were closed as it was Monday. We took a few pictures there and put the hill on our "next time" list. So, we roamed in the old district looking in shops, taking in the atmosphere. One of our stops was Loretto Chapel with its beautiful staircase supposedly built by a mystery carpenter after the nuns made a novena. He left without asking for payment. It is beautiful! The church is too. As impressive as grand cathedrals are, there is something comforting about small churches. Lots and lots of people everywhere! Lots and lots of beautiful turquoise and silver jewelry!


  1. Did you take pictures of the Loretto Chapel? I would like to see them.


  2. Yes, I had a picture of it here. Where did it go? I will have to repost the pictures.