Saturday, October 17, 2009


Well, we're in Hawaii!! No, we did not bring the RV. (2 things it does not have - a garbage disposal and pontoons!!) Did not bring the dogs either! Dogs and RV are back in Livingston, TX. We flew out of Houston on Thursday. Very long flight, about 8 hours! Never been to Houston before and our short overnight stay did nothing to encourage a longer visit. It is steamy!!

We're staying on the island of Hawaii in Kailua-Kona at a timeshare. It is very nice and very comfortable. We met friends Leo and Claudia from the desert for dinner last night. So far we've been snorkeling and scuba diving. Well, I didn't quite make the scuba. Tried, but couldn't clear my mask and couldn't pressurize my ears. So, I went back up and snorkeled. I will try again sometime as John is certified and loves it and wants to do more! Tomorrow we snorkel with the manta rays.... that should be terrific!! John took a lot of pictures when he was scuba diving, but he's having a problem with the flash. Plus, the fishies swim really fast!! We're getting into a Hawaiian mood - I'm wearing crocs and John promised to try on a pair of shorts!!

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