Thursday, October 1, 2009


We left Jacksonville and headed north back toward Columbus for a short 1 day visit with our grandsons. Got to see Branden's 1st football game. Now, he's 9 and a little guy and plays on and against teams with 9-11 year olds with his team comprised of medium sized boys, 15 of them. (Remember there are 11 players per team always on the field.) They played against a team of all big kids (noticeably so) and the team had 32 players plus a squad of cheerleaders!! Maybe it is just the grandma in me, but something is wrong with that. Needless to say, Branden's team was creamed. They were exhausted and, even when they got to hit an opposing player, there was no way they could bring him down. Funny stuff going on with some of the refs, too! We were not happy! Hopefully some parents complained and were listened to, but I doubt it.
Next day we headed out again for Fort Campbell to see little Miss Eva!! We spent the weekend there and then went to Cynthiana, Kentucky, for 2 days to do some Boyd family genealogy research at the local library. That part of Kentucky is just gorgeous with one field after another of beautiful horses! Lots of black barns, too- with hex signs. Saw 2 barns that had the upstairs finished for living quarters complete with chandeliers hanging in huge windows in the peaks! Back to Fort Campbell to spend my birthday with Hans, Andrea and Eva. We went to dinner and Miss Eva was just the perfect little girl. Of course!!

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