Wednesday, October 21, 2009


We snorkeled on our scuba trip; we snorkeled on our rubber zodiac trip and in between times snorkeled on our own at a beautiful beach about 3 miles from our condo. If you haven't snorkeled, I can't explain how peaceful and awesome it is to float along watching the sealife below you and around you. The fish are such beautiful colors and designs. Some look like pieces of modern art.

The fellows in the photo below became my "buddies" and swam circles around me for awhile! They were beautiful to watch - swarming around me, swimming to and from. Totally awesome!! As you can see, it is not all the same type of fish and, at times, was joined by more colorful fish. Oh, that's not fair! These fish were beautiful - an irridescent black/blue with a neon blue stripe along its spine and on its tail!

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